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AAKRI team believes that a waste-free India is an ambitious but achievable aim, as we are convinced that every single effort towards reaching this goal matters. This is why we are thrilled to see the zero waste philosophy becoming more and more popular around the country. Let’s get familiar with zero waste together and join hands to build a better India Together.

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Leo Tolstoy once said, “True life is lived when tiny changes occur”. These changes won’t happen if we tend to live in the glory or failure of the past, changes will work wonder only if we look into the future and move forward. AAKRI App is one stop solution for the entire waste verticals, Be the Change… and get ready to navigate it by adapting to the change required for a better tomorrow for ourselves and to our country.
  • Residential Scrap Removal.
  • Commercial Scrap Removal.
  • Domestic Bio-Medical Waste Removal.
  • Bulk Waste Solution.
  • India's Recycling Market Place.
  • EPR Loop




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Residential Scrap Removal

Team AAKRI specializes in removing scrap/trash from your residential homes in and across Kerala. If you have scrap/trash at home and you wanted to remove it, just schedule an appointment through our App available at the play store/ App Store and we’ll be on our way. Our experienced, friendly, and professional staff will be at your doorstep on the scheduled date, quickly and efficiently weigh your scrap/trash, and immediately pay you money by cash/transfers then and there.

Commercial Scrap Removal

Businesses can’t afford to have junk lying around and accumulating. If it accumulated, it takes up valuable space overall to diminish the view of the workspace. If you want it to be clean, by getting rid of the old junk/ scraps, Schedule an appointment with us or upload the pic of your scrap/junk at ( and get an approx Quote. Our friendly team members will arrive on time, quickly, and professionally remove the scrap hassle-free.

Domestic Bio-Medical Waste Removal

The safe and sustainable management of the disposal of domestic biomedical waste is the social and legal responsibility of all people. AAKRI app w.e.f Jul 2022 started to collect these from residence/commercial places and scientifically processed with the help of KEIL. BMW includes Diaper waste, Sanitary pads, Urine Bags, Syringes, Vacutainers, Gloves, Scalpels, Chemical Liquid Waste, Microbiology, Expired or Discarded Medicines, Laboratory Waste, Ampules, Intravenous tubes and sets.

Bulk Waste Generator

As per Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, “Bulk Waste Generator” means anyone having an average waste generation rate exceeding 100kg per day. It is always fair to start with BWGs first in metro cities and then to reach out to individuals because BWGs who all together contribute 50-60% of any city’s waste quantum in one go can significantly reduce waste load. It is a tailor-made Waste removal service, where we can have an agreement with the BWGs and program the service as per the needs.

Recycling Market Place (The best price for your Waste)

Market place by AAKRI is an online place where buyers and sellers can network and trade with livestock. AAKRI connects suitable business streams using modern digital technology and it takes a few minutes to add or request the registration is completely free and online. Our mission here is to maximize the value of your Scrap and find the best potential players for every type of waste, material, and by-product to enable higher rates of reuse and recycling which will optimize the company's material flows, making their production more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. If one company’s waste is another’s a resource, both companies may benefit economically by transferring this material from the former to the latter. In some instances, the former may be paying to dispose of their waste and would be able to instead sell the waste. The latter company which considers the waste to be a resource may be able to purchase this material at a lower cost.


Checkout Popular Causes

Recycling Drives

The driving motive behind this campaign has been the recycling of plastics. These Drives is becoming the mantra for many schools, colleges, housing complexes, and corporate houses across the city that are working to create a cleaner, greener, and a sustainable environment by disposing of and recycling plastic responsibly.

Recycling Drives

Planting Trees and Fund Raising Events

Trees absorb carbon that might otherwise contribute to global warming. Planting trees is one of the most important things we can do to contribute to the health of the planet. AAKRI conducts Tree plantation drives on Earth Day and on Environment Day every year. You can contribute by donating one plant or Rs 100/-. The amount donated to this campaign plants a tree with the tagline “One Tree Planted”.

Planting Trees and Fund Raising Events

Clean up Beach

With India celebrating its 75th Independence Day, to make beaches eco-friendly and clean, a coastal clean-up drive is initiated; The main focus of this drive is to spread awareness among people about the effects of dumping plastic in ocean waters which are dangerous to marine life too. During the monsoon season, one can see several microplastics lying along the coastline.

Clean up Beach


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Our Events



Tree Plantation (Open to Public)

Planting trees promote a strong economy and provide numerous resources to the environment. It is always a dream for Aakri to have this moment.



E-waste Collection Drive Decathlon (Associate with XIME)

E-waste collection drive in Kalamssery decathlon and Vytila decathlon.



Beach Clean Up (Open to Public)

Cleaning up the beach right the next day of the new year was a herculean task. Aakri team and volunteers could collect almost 15700 pet bottles laying all over the coastal belt and shore on the 1st of Jan 2023. The start of the new year turned out to be the great success ever achieved by our team on this special occasion.


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“A good, responsive team and efficient pickup. I didn't have to argue or bargain with the vendor because the rates for each item are listed on the app upfront, and the scrap is weighed on a digital weighing scale. This is a much-needed service and I will definitely be using this app again." - Parvathi V

“It is a good venture to dispose the wastes effectively through mobile application based service. AAKRI application also very user friendly. Waste collection team has got professional approch to deal with customers. Thanks to Mr.Anilkumar, who has very efficiently managed to reduce the collection time.” - Paul Kj

"Thanks a lot aakri team. It was my very first experience with this app and got a positive response from them. Also, the rates for scrap items is also much better than the local ones. Pick up man's was also very polite and good attitude towards the customers. Gona use this app again in future ☺ Once again, Thank you so much!!!" - Sreeja J S

"A Updated concept of Scrap collection by an Energetic, Responsive and Friendly Team in this online Era! Apt Green uniforms🦺, friendly pickup executives. You can really beleive them in transparency of weight and payment. 👏You can call this Team for any type waste disposal & relax. It was really an good experience with the Team! All the best Team Aakri!! 👍" - CV Balakrishna Naya


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