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We Have Work In More Than 7+ Districts To Strengthen Equality

AAKRI App is first and leading Waste Management Technology and futuristic environmental friendly Start-Up aimed to address the waste issues concerning the people of Kerala & the environment as a whole. Our Vision is to be the single go-to point for disposal of every kind of waste that the common man needs to dispose of today. We have long been in the forefront of moves to create a more sustainable solution and the company’s record of pioneering environmental management; renowned customer service and commitment to sustainability have attracted and helped more than 65 thousand customers since its start from 2019. It has presence in the entire waste management verticals from collection to disposal of solid and Domestic Bio-medical Waste. Through our treatment and safe disposal processes we are able to maximise the re-use of materials, minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill and have a positive effect on the environmental performance. Being waste managers, we’re passionate recyclers first and foremost. The aim of the platform is to help find and map assets that streamline the collection of post-consumer waste, schedule efficient and cost-effective pickups, and incorporate the segregated waste into the recycling/vendor network. We just don’t think it’s fair on the environment, or makes economic sense, to fill our landfill sites with valuable reusable raw materials. The company serves municipal, commercial, residential customers in Kochi and now expanded to various districts within Kerala. AAKRI is headquartered in Kochi, Kerala. Our Residential Scrap Collection Process


Download “AAKRI” app from the Google play store/App Store and raise a pickup through App.


Please keep the trash ready on the scheduled date/time thereby not wasting the valuable time of our customers.


Our team will be available at your doorstep on the scheduled date/time slot for the trash/scrap pickup.


Our team will further segregate your trash/scrap and weigh it in front of you, as per the rate chart in the App, fix the amount, and generate an invoice.


On completion of the weighing process, the team will pick up the scrap/trash and settle the payment by cash/transfer then and there.

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“To protect our landfills from plastic and recycle maximum for the environment “